If you are on social media this hashtag is becoming something that we see all too often.  Today it is #prayforNice. Last week this time it was pray #prayforDallas. There have been so many that I have honestly forgotten most of them. 

As I was reading some tweets this morning I came across this: 


Haunted by a picture of a little girl lying dead with her doll next to her. How can people be so evil?😔”

How is it that we forget the evil that exists in this world? Have we become so conditioned to seeing this that we think it is normal? 

I also saw a saying that “peace will win, fear will lose.” This is so true. We know that evil exists in the world. The reality is that evil will exist until Jesus comes back. 

As Christians we are told to pray without ceasing. We should continue to pray for the victims of these horrible attacks. We should pray that God’s word will be proclaimed throughout the world. We need to pray that those under Satan’s control will break free from the bondage of evil. 

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