New Chapter in My Life 

The past two weeks have been rough on my family and I. Two weeks ago I was asked to step down from my first youth minister position. It was a very hard pill to swallow. Being asked to step down from any position is hard but being asked to step down from a ministerial position... Continue Reading →


Has Life Become too Busy?

This week my son and I finally cut the grass in our backyard. I usually take pride in my backyard. I hardly ever let my grass get high. When it is high it is no fun and it is just ugly to look at. I had let things get in my way of taking care... Continue Reading →

Is the Bible Myth or Historical?

LIBERTY UNIVERSITY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY     The Bible Among the Myths     Submitted to Daniel Warner, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of the course OBST 510 Old Testament Introduction     by Kenneth Brooks January 27, 2014  Introduction             During the early 1940’s there was a shift in thinking.... Continue Reading →


Introduction Since the fall of man in the garden with the first sin, God has longed for a personal relationship with everyone. Since this time man has drifted away from God. God has punished people and even whole countries because of the separation caused by sin. He destroyed Sodom because there were no righteous men.... Continue Reading →

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