#Wisdom Involves Setting the Correct #Priorities. 

I saw a picture this morning that said ditch the man cave and bring back the study. Make men wise and great again. There is so much truth in this statement. I will probably get some negative feedback on what I am about to say but I think it is something that is needed. I feel we may be a few generations away from  not having a lot of wise leaders. 

This post is mainly for the men of my generation and younger. As I look at some men I know and listen to people talk I think there are some young men that do not pursue wisdom. They would rather watch football in their decked out man cave or play the newest video game. I am not saying you cannot have fun outside of work, but this cannot be your life. This cannot be your number one priority. 

I think about some of the great leaders in the past such as Rockefeller, Jack Welch, Jim Collins, or Warren Buffet and cannot imagine them sitting around playing video games. What I do imagine is these guys having their priorities right. I can see these guys sitting in a room in their houses filled with book cases loaded with business books. When they had an issue I imagine they would go in pull out a book and research the answer. They probably even read to learn new things.  

This is where you are going to gain wisdom. When you research things on your own you are going to remember it. Reading opens your mind to so many new things. Playing video games just lets you beat your previous score. What did you learn from that?

I can imagine that in a study there have been some very intellectual conversations. I am sure many of men have sat in their study with a business associate and pondered the solution to a big problem. I really enjoy having conversations that thought provoking whether it is about religion, politics, or leadership. Every time I do I feel like I have learned something. 

When we set our priorities on learning we are going to be wiser. Being wiser is going to make us better leaders. Guys I think we need to make a commitment to becoming more intellectual and wiser. Put down the video games and pick up a book. Learn something new each day. We do not need to be the generation that lets wisdom slip away because our priorities are not right. 


A #Meanigful Life

“For, in the end, it is impossible to have a great life unless it is a meaningful life. And it is very difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.”Jim Collins

Have you ever thought about this? I have on many occasions. I do not want to get to the end of my life and think wow that was wasted. There are three aspects to this quote and I am going to cover them backwards.  

Does your work bring meaning to your life? Any one can find meaning in any job.  A janitor can find meaning in his job if he is doing it for the right reason. A doctor will not find meaning if they are just doing it for money and not because they care about making people better. Meaning in your work comes from your attitude towards your job.  

A meaningful job gives meaning to your life but it’s not everything. There are other things that give meaning to your life. Your life outside of work gives meaning. What you do for fun and your family makes you who you are. 

God also gives you meaning to your life. You are created in His image. God has designed you to be unique and to be who you are. All of us need to follow the will of God for our lives. This will bring more meaning to our lives than anything else. It will make our vision for our lives clear. 

If you live out a meaningful life, you have lived a great life. Life without meaning is mundane. It is boring. Make sure you have a purpose no matter how small or big and live your life on purpose. 

Thrown Out of a #Church Building?

There has been a lady thrown out of the church her family founded. This lady is 103 years old. This lady was not a threat. She even had the police called on her when she returned after receiving her letter stating not to come back. Seriously? This is ridiculous.  

So what was her crime? From what I have gathered is that she confronted the pastor about his preaching. This is a small town baptist church. According to the member who has been voted out the minister was trying to change it to a holiness church. He did not like it so she was voted out. Evidently two other members were voted out as well. 

Obviously I do not have both sides of the story because I do not attend this church. I do however see some things wrong with this entire situation. 

An elderly woman is told she cannot worship God in a local church. She has been attending their for over 90 years. Someone might not agree with the pastors new direction but if they are not causing a disruption they should not be forced to leave.  Sometimes leaders come in wanting to change everything and fix it. Just maybe there was nothing that needed to be changed. Maybe the pastor should have listened to his congregation. A pastor is there to be the chief servant. He is there to leed his flock. 

Next thing I see is that churches are to be loving. When there is a great deal of division love is going to be lost. Feelings are going to get hurt. We are all children of God. We need to be of one accord. We need to be united. 

As Christians we have got to come together. These types of incidents make the church look bad. People get the wrong impression of church. I want to be clear not all churches are like this. Most Christian churches are more concerned with sharing Christ. 

We need to be in prayer for Union Grove Baptist church in Elberton, GA. We also need to pray for the pastor and Genora Hamm Biggs. 

Are You #Angry this Morning? 

This morning as I was driving to work I noticed a driver in front of me who appeared really angry while driving. She was banging on the steering wheel and throwing her hands up while sitting at the red light. I noticed she was on the phone so I do not know if she was angry with that person or about her drive. At first I thought this lady was funny, then I thought do I look this ridiculous when I get angry. 

I started thinking about all the times I get angry thoughout the day. If you are honest with yourself there are probably things that get you upset each day. Anger is a real problem for some people. It’s not a laughing matter and I felt bad for laughing at this lady. 

I started thinking about what someone can do when they are angry. These are things I have heard a lot and I think could be useful for someone. 

Things to do when you feel yourself getting angry:

1. Stop and take a deep breath

When you feel yourself getting upset just stop and take a deep breath (or several). This will help you relax. When you relax hopefully you will be calmer and and can respond in a more rational manner. This could keep you from lashing out in an inappropriate way. 

2. Analyze the situation 

This is big. After you take a deep breath analyze the situation. Figure out what is going on. Look at the big picture. Look at all sides. You maybe getting mad because you do not have all the facts. There is always more than one side to a story. 

3. Ask yourself is this something I can control 

Once you have all the facts ask yourself is this something I have control over? If yes then fix it in a rational manner. If no then why are you worried about it? There is no reason worrying about something you cannot control. It just gets you upset. 

4. Can I accomplish anything being angry

If you are angry can you get anything accomplished? Maybe or maybe not. You might be able to use your anger to get a problem fixed. The odds are not in your favor though if you are angry. When you are angry your judgment will be clouded. You have to be able to think wisely to make sound judgment. The clearer you think the better the chance you have of accomplishing your objective. 

“He who is slow to anger has great understanding, But he who is quick-tempered exalts folly.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭14:29‬ ‭NASB‬‬


I have been praying for revival and spiritual awakening for a long time. My Twitter profile says join me in praying for a world wide revival. I really think we are on the verge of a revival here in America. The following is why I think this. 

Throughout the country we are seeing Sheriffs (elected officials) put our national motto on their patrol cars. For those that do not know what that motto is here you go “in God we trust.” Why is this so significant? If we do not keep our eyes on God He will not bless us. These Sheriffs are taking some heat by doing this, but they know God is watching over them while they are doing their tough job. 

There is also a clerk standing up for God. Rowan county clerk Kim Davis is refusing to issue marriage licenses. She has refused all licenses so that she is not discriminating. She is facing jail time or fines. She refuses to compromise on her religious beliefs. At first I thought she should resign but she is standing up for her religion. She is making a statement for God. 

Then recently there was a video of a mass baptism on a football field at a local school. I think it’s great that an assistant coach and twenty players were baptized. This was completely voluntary and done after school. No one was forced anyone to participate however many people did. Personally I would have loved to have witnessed it. This had to have been a glorious sight with so many making an outward profession of their faith. 

There are many people criticizing each of these people. I am excited to see so many professing their faith even with such criticism. Let’s keep praying for revival.