Today is the thirteenth anniversary for my wife and me. I am so thankful to be married to my best friend. It has been a journey that I would not change.  You want to see what love looks like spend a few days with us. I wish I could say that our marriage is all... Continue Reading →


Christmas Memories 

What is your favorite Christmas memories or traditions? I have two of them.  1. I enjoy the candle lighting service at my church. The past two years I did not attend one. This year my family will be attending the one at our new church. It is such a beautiful time of worship.  2. Spending... Continue Reading →

War on terrorism and evil. 

“A complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”What a bold statement? This is what Donald trump is calling for. This could never pass as this would be unconstitutional. Our nation was founded on the premise of freedom of religion. There is not and never will there ever be a religious test to enter America.... Continue Reading →

Fight for Marriage 

I am hearing more and more divorce attorney advertisements. The latest is a local law firm advertising a military divorce class. This class is to teach military personnel about divorce. Some things covered are child support, custody issues, and pension issues.  My first thought is that the world is fighting to gain money off a... Continue Reading →

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