Today is the thirteenth anniversary for my wife and me. I am so thankful to be married to my best friend. It has been a journey that I would not change. 

You want to see what love looks like spend a few days with us. I wish I could say that our marriage is all great and there are never fights but that just is not reality. There are always going to be arguments and disagreements in a relationship. The thing you have to remember is that you have to forgive. If you want your spouse to forgive you then you must also forgive. 

You must also compromise. There are going to be times when you should give in. This will help cut down on the fights. 

Marriage is hard work. It requires both parties to put forth an effort. Even though it is hard work it is a job that will be worth it. 

You get out of marriage what you put in it. If you give up your spouse will too. If you love with all your heart your marriage will be happier. If your spouse is your priority you will be their priority. 

A marriage is joining of two souls. A marriage is a great gift from God to a man and a woman. This gift is something that is to be cherished. 


Christmas Memories 

What is your favorite Christmas memories or traditions? I have two of them. 

1. I enjoy the candle lighting service at my church. The past two years I did not attend one. This year my family will be attending the one at our new church. It is such a beautiful time of worship. 

2. Spending time with family. My wife and I are really big into family. This year we will not get to be with as much family because of schedules. 

I urge you to make the most out of Christmas. Spend time with your family. Make new lasting memories. Most importantly worship the King who was born in a humble manger. 

War on terrorism and evil. 

“A complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”What a bold statement? This is what Donald trump is calling for. This could never pass as this would be unconstitutional. Our nation was founded on the premise of freedom of religion. There is not and never will there ever be a religious test to enter America. My opinion Trump is spewing hatred towards another religion. Trump, show me support for this from the bible. I understand wanting to protect America but saying a certain religion is not allowed in our country is not the way to do it. Think about this how many mass shootings have occurred from non-Muslims? I am glad that other republicans are condemning this statement.

President Obama wants to make it where people on the no fly list cannot buy guns. This makes sense. If America has deemed a person not worthy of flying because of them being a suspected terrorist, why should they be allowed to buy guns? I know some people are going to argue they can get them other ways. This might be the case but let’s make it harder for suspected terrorists to get their hands on the guns.

What I see is division among democrats and republicans and between republicans and republicans on what to do. Both parties are divided on what to do about the threat of terrorism here and abroad. The problem is that no one has a clear and defined plan on what needs to be done. Everyone wants to criticize the others plan. Well America it is time to stop playing games with our future. It is time to stop bickering back and forth about what to do. We need a clear plan of action. We need leaders to step up and be bold.

We must also realize that we are in a spiritual war. We are in a war against good and evil. We are facing threats of evil from more than just radical Islam. Look at the shooting at the church in Charleston. The shooter was not Muslim. The Planned Parenthood shooting was not done by a radicalized Muslim. The face of evil has many different faces. Evil has manifested itself among all walks of life.

There are several things that need to occur to defeat terrorism and evil. The first thing we need to do is turn back to God. During the cold War era we as a nation adopted our national motto “In God We Trust.” What a great motto. I truly believe that as a nation He served us well throughout that time. Look at what God tells His people:

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Now this verse was directed towards God chosen people; however, I believe that as the church we are God’s people. I truly believe that the church needs to be on our needs praying without ceasing for our nation’s leaders and protection. We need to pray for clear godly guidance so that our leaders make decisions that are in our best interest. We need leaders that are seeking to do the will of God, and not their own will, in order to defeat evil.


Fight for Marriage 

I am hearing more and more divorce attorney advertisements. The latest is a local law firm advertising a military divorce class. This class is to teach military personnel about divorce. Some things covered are child support, custody issues, and pension issues. 

My first thought is that the world is fighting to gain money off a broken marriage. If you think about it this is great advertising for the law firm. They are gaining potential clients with a free seminar on divorce. The world has made divorce okay and convenient. 

My second thought is why is the church not fighting to keep marriages a live. Marriages are unions between the husband, wife, and God. It seems like the church would be doing more to help broken couples reconcile and repair their relationship. 

Marriage is very sacred and should be valued. Marriage has been around since the beginning of time when Adam and Eve were joined together as one. It was never God’s plan that a couple would divorce. A marriage should be a lifetime commitment. 

Now there are times when you might feel that there is no hope. As long as you both are willing there is hope. You will never be a perfect partner for your spouse but you can be a praying partner. Pray and seek God’s will in your marriage. Seek guidance from your pastor. Seek guidance from other couples that you trust and that will give godly advice. All couples face some issues even those that seem to always have it together. 

The struggle is real. Marriage is hard work. It is something that you have to constantly work at. Think about it this way if you do not do your job at work you get fired. If you do not put anything into your marriage you might get fired as a spouse. 

As a couple you are going to endure different seasons of your life. Sometimes those seasons might not line up completely with your spouse. Your job is to make them line up. Marriages involve compromise. There is some give and take. Do not focus on how much you are getting, because both should be giving. If this is the case both partners should be satisfied. 

If your marriage is in trouble I want you to ask yourself one question: Is my marriage worth fighting for? I pray that you said yes. Forget about calling the divorce attorney. Find a Christian counselor in your area. Go to your pastor. If they cannot counsel you hopefully they know of someone that is qualified. Rekindle your romance. Find that passion again. Seek that love you had in the beginning. I am pretty sure it’s still there, you just let the world interfere with it. 

I want to make a challenge to the church as a whole. When there is a couple that is in trouble lets love on them. Let’s be there for them. Let’s guide them and help them as they heal their marriage.