Last day of training 

This is the last day we have with the students. This has been a great group of pastors and other leaders. They are doing great with the Bible Training Center for Pastors material. They are so attentive. We also have two students that have been through this program that are going to continue teaching the... Continue Reading →


Sunday Church

This morning we spent a few hours doing church. This is not church how most people in America would expect. There was no choir or worship leader. There was no instruments. There was no singing. Only ministering to people in small villages. We had the pleasure of walking around and talking with families in some... Continue Reading →


This week as I am traveling I have noticed something - the world is a beautiful place. As I was flying into Korea I was amazed at the beauty in the shore. Of course I say that every where I go. I would urge you to travel and experience God's beauty.  I am also thankful... Continue Reading →

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