How one, crazy congregation developed a coffee cooperative

Kingdom Growers

Kingdom grower stills  (25 of 27) (2)In 2005, Heber Alvarez belonged to a “weird” church. It began a coffee cooperative to teach farmers in poor communities how to better grow their coffee and to rise out of poverty. That cooperative, called Cultivadores Del Reino or “Kingdom Growers,” sought to meet the needs of entire villages while also preaching the Gospel.

Not everyone, however, liked the church’s methods. Below, Heber talks about helping the poor when other Christians simply wanted to sit in their pews.

“It has been somewhat difficult. In fact, our church was seen as weird because all the other churches focus on preaching the Gospel inside the church, waiting for the people to come to them to hear the message, and that is where the invitation is made to repent and start their new relationship with God.

However, we understood that God doesn’t want us to wait for them to come, but we have…

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If you are on social media this hashtag is becoming something that we see all too often.  Today it is #prayforNice. Last week this time it was pray #prayforDallas. There have been so many that I have honestly forgotten most of them.  As I was reading some tweets this morning I came across this:  "#PrayForNice... Continue Reading →

Does Racism Exist in America?

We are supposed to have equal rights in America. We all have the constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If racism still exists in America can each citizen have this? Some people believe that racism does not exist. Here is the definition: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a... Continue Reading →

Presidential Election 

I had every intention of using this forum this morning to complain about what happened yesterday. I was going to show why I feel James Comey was not qualified to lead this investigation due to his previous employment. I chose not too.  Instead I want to challenge every one. I want to challenge you to... Continue Reading →

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