Unity in America 

There is no doubt we have division in America. We can see that very clearly with this nasty election cycle we just went through. It does not matter which candidate would have won we would have still had division. It is saddening to see so many people protesting and calling for Donald Trump to be impeached and he has not even taken office. 

As I have been watching social media posts about the protests I have seen some disheartening comments. People are saying they are mad because the protesters have to go and get a job. If you are saying these things stop. You do not know these people so you do not know if they have a job. You are just making generalizations. This does nothing to bring the two sides together. 

I have also seen name calling again this does nothing to bring unity. You are saying they are intolerant but you being intolerant of their constitutional right to protest. 

Now on the other side, the people protesting, ask yourself what you are accomplishing from these protests. Trump was elected through our election process. He is not going to be removed. I understand there are things you do not like about the new president. There are things I have not liked about all presidents. 

If you want your voice to be heard we have procedures in place for that. Call your congressman and set up a meeting with that person. Go in with a list of things that are important to you and why. Go in with facts and not just opinions. Your congressman represents you as the people of the district he or she represents. 

If you do not like the way things are going in your community then make change. We as communities have to come together and take care of the members of the community. We need to love our neighbors and look out for them. You do not make change through protest. You make change through love. You make change through coming together and talking about your differences. 

The president elect has a long road ahead of him bringing this divided country together but it will not be done if we do not do our part. President Obama is willing to work with Trump in order to have a peaceful transition. Are we as Americans willing to do the same? 


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