Election Day

Election Day is finally here. Odds are you are reading this Tuesday during the day probably before the polls close. At this point it’s anyone’s game. We do not know with certainty who will win. Depending on what time you reading we might have a good idea. If you are reading this in Wednesday hopefully we will know who the president elect is. 

We as Christians need to pray for whoever the new president is. Who ever is elected will be in place because of God. Paul tells us in Romans 13:1 that we are subject to authority because all authority is given by God. See we might not like who is in office but we must pray for that person. We should pray for guidance, wisdom, godly character, and that they seek God’s will as they carry out the duties of President. 

In Proverbs 21:1 we see that a kings heart is like a channel of water. God can turn it how He desires. God can do amazing things through the people that are in office. He might also allow things to happen that are not so good because of judgment against sinful attitudes of the nation. 

You might not like whoever is elected but instead of complaining spend time in prayer for that person. Spend time in prayer for the people that will be put in cabinet level positions. Pray that we as a nation will seek God’s guidance as we move forward. 

No matter what happens on Election Day God is still sovereign and in control. He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. He is my savior and yours. Put your trust in Him. 

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