Vote Trump

Vote Trump! Very simple phrase. Very harmless phrase. It is as harmless as saying Vote Hillary or Vote Johnson. 

Vote ( fill in the blank) is no longer harmless when voter intimidation is involved. CNN is reporting Hopewell Baptist Church in Mississippi has been torched and graffiti with the term vote Trump has been spray painted on the side. The town is 78% black. The congregation of this black church is fearful and they feel intimidated. I don’t blame them I would feel the same way too. 

This is wrong on so many levels. In America we have freedom of speech and can say who we are voting for. What we do not have the right to do is intimidate someone to vote for a particular candidate. We certainly do not have the right to vandalize someone’s property especially to make them fearful of voting their conscience. 

There is no doubt this was done out of hate. I can imagine this was done because of racism. I am only speculating this based on the demographics of the church and community. We as Americans cannot stand standby and let our fellow Americans be intimidated because of prejudice. We must respect the opinions of fellow Americans. 

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