I heard a radio show host say we should not have early voting anymore. At first I was thinking this man was crazy. I remember voting in 2008 and 2012 and the lines were long even at the early voting sights. I remember standing in line for over an hour in 2008. This also seems to be the case in some early voting sights in metro Atlanta this year. I thought I cannot imagine waiting until Election Day the lines would be long. 

The reason he made the argument about the early voting is because of the reopened investigation into Hillary Clinton. What if you have already voted and think I wish I would not have voted for her. There is nothing you can do about it now. I know some will say this is a rare case and it might be. The point is you never know how things are going to change heading into the election. As we have seen in this campaign a lot can change in 24 hours. 

If we do away with early voting what would the Election Day look like? Well first there would be long lines. This could easily be resolved in a few ways. Open more polling places would be the first step. Some of you are already saying that will cost to much. Here’s the thing if you have early and advanced voting you paying poll workers each day. This can add up quickly over a few weeks. Take that money and put it towards more polling locations on Election Day. 

Second every four years make it a national holiday. Give people time off on that day so they are not pressured to be at work and fill like they have to miss out on voting because it will take too long. 

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