Immoral Acts of Politicians More Accepted

I came across the graph when I was reading another article. Here is the link to the original article. White Evangelicals Grow More Accepting

Look at the data from 2011. When you look at white evangelical and mainline Protestants you see that less then 40% believe a politician who behaves unethically in private can be ethical in public. Now in 2016 72% white evangelicals believe this to be true and 60% white mainline protestants believe this as well. The percentage of all Americans that believe this is 61%. 

I find this disturbing that so many evangelicals believe this. Being ethical deals with right and wrong behavior. Being ethical means you do what is right. Immoral means you do not conform to accepted standards of morality. How can one perform an immoral act in private and still be ethical in the public view? If you are behaving immorally you have been unethical. There is a big correlation between the two. 

Who you are in private is who you are. If you are willing to do something in private why would you not do it in public? Your morals are in you. If you believe something is okay, when it’s not acceptable by society, then you have become immoral. One simply does not have a public moral and a private moral system. 

If we as Americans want to see a morally acceptable government then we must demand that our elected officials behave morally in public as well as private. We need to stop electing officials that are trying to live a double life. 

I do believe though that if an elected official has committed an act that is immoral and has repented of that then we should be accepting of that. The elected official should show by their actions that they are truly sorry and not committing unethical behaviors. 


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