What Are Your Limits?

Have you placed limitations on yourself? I was reminded of something today limits are mean to be broken. When you place limits on yourself you keep growth at bay. You will never know what you are capable of unless you push past those false boundaries you have placed on yourself. 

Two weeks ago I biked 30 miles on a local bike trail. I told myself that I did not know if I could do more even though I want to do the entire 61 miles of the trail. Today I set out to do 40 miles. I was nervous about this. 

When I got to 30 miles I was ready to give up. I told myself that this was my limit. The problem I faced was that I was still 10 miles to my truck. I could not give up. If I had given up what would I have done? I pushed as hard as I could and I got 40.5 miles. To some this might not seem like a lot but to me I saw it as a great accomplishment. I pushed past my barrier. 

Think about what you have wanted to do for a long time and have not accomplished it. It might be going back to school. It might be a new career. It might even be making a commitment and getting married. It might even be giving up drugs or alcohol. Now think about what is holding you back. Odds are you have placed a limit on yourself by saying you cannot do it. 

If you have said you cannot do it you are stopping yourself. You are the one that has said you cannot do it. Now imagine yourself doing what you answered in the previous paragraph. I am sure that if you really commit you can push yourself past the limit and barrier you have created and excel at it. 


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