Presidential Debate

I am sitting here watching Fox News this morning and they were talking about the debate. One thing that keeps coming up is how one party will be ready to counter the others arguments. There will obviously be disagreements on many things tonight. This is fine because the good thing about our country’s system we can disagree and still get things done. 

I want to ask you and I want you to be honest have you lost a friend because you do not agree with their choice of politics? I have heard people say that they have deleted friends on Facebook or other social media. Really? Why are you willing to lose a friend over disagreements? 

When you choose not to listen to the other side you are being close minded. Everyday we face disagreements in life. We face disagreements at work, do we quit our job because we have a disagreement? No, you do not just leave a job because you don’t agree, you work through the disagreement. 

Do not let disagreements in politics ruin friendships. You are never going to agree with the other person 100%. This is ok because we are all unique. We all have our own thoughts. 


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