Unleashed…to turn the world upside down!


This year’s theme for spiritual formation at Point University is one word: Unleashed. And the tag line to help define that word is “to turn the world upside down.”

The Bible is filled with imagery about our human condition apart from the gospel, but it might be fair to simply say that without Christ, we are “tied up” to all sorts of things and need to be unleashed. In an interesting little comment in Acts 17, one of the city leaders of Thessalonica, upon hearing that Paul and his missionary friends were coming to their town, said, “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also.” (17:6, ESV)

Just think about that. A pagan city official has heard about the transforming nature of the Christian gospel and the best phrase he can use to explain it has to do with the gospel turning the…

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