No republican action and democratic sit in 

Republicans are not acting. As a matter of fact they called for recess and until July 5th. Democrats are still staging a sit in. Does anyone else see the problem with this? The major problem I see is that there is no unity in our government. We are still the United States of America are we not? 

It seems every bill that comes up for a vote there is major debate. One party wants this and the other wants something else. Neither party wants to compromise. We saw a new low on Wednesday with the congressmen sitting on the house floor and others just leaving. 

At what point did politics come to doing what’s right for you and not what’s right for the people. At what point did we decide to go away from the constitution. We need to come together in unity as a nation. 

The way we come together is going to be through Jesus Christ. The problem is that churches are not unified. There is disagreements among large denominations. There are even disagreements in theology among churches that are right next door. There might even be disagreements in the local church. 

If we want to become a unified nation under God again we must turn back to God. Our churches have to be unified first. Then the churches must take the gospel and the love of Jesus to our neighbors. 

We have to stop trying to legislate morality. We must take Jesus to our neighbors if we want to see revival. This is how we are going to solve many issues in America. 

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