Make America Great Again 

I’m using a Donald trump line but I’m not supporting him. We keep saying we we want to have a great country. Well let me let you in on a secret, we have a great country. For now we still have many freedoms that we all love. If we want to keep America great we need to stop all the political fighting among parties. We need to even stop the fighting in the parties. The republicans cannot even decide if they want to back the person American republicans voted for. 

As I am writing this our congressmen are staging a sit in. Yes a sit in on the house floor. These are grown adults that we have elected to represent us. This is something that we would see from college students. Many people are saying this is leadership. I say no it’s not. 

What we need in America is not the greatest politician that has “all the answers.” What we need is a revival. We need a spiritual awakening in America. We need Christians that are on fire for the Lord. We need Christians that are loving the Lord and their neighbors. We need Christians that are taking the gospel to their neighbors. We need pastors who are boldly proclaiming the gospel from the pulpit each week. 

Many problems we face in this country cannot be fixed by laws. You cannot legislate morality. We have problems with pride, hatred, sexual immorality, greed and the list could go on forever. It’s not a law problem. There are thousands upon thousands of laws. It is an issue of the heart. 

These problems can be solved by humbly turning to God and asking for guidance. We have to stop looking out for ourselves. We have to seek the will of God. 

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