Sunday Church

This morning we spent a few hours doing church. This is not church how most people in America would expect. There was no choir or worship leader. There was no instruments. There was no singing. Only ministering to people in small villages.

We had the pleasure of walking around and talking with families in some of the poorest comunities. We got to sit down face to face with them. We got to hear the struggles. Many were sick and could not work. We heard of a family where the dad was recovering from alcohol abuse. We got to talk to them about perseverance and hope. 

We met a lady who does not have a job to support her family. Her husband is farming in another country but not sending money back home. Then we met a family who was worried becuase they did not have enough money even to send their child to school. If this child drops out of school, there is a real possiblity she will get into sex salvery. We explained that God heals and provides. We read Matthew 6:25-36 and explained Jesus says not to worry about tomorrow. We were able to pray with this sweet family. 

At lunch we got to discuss the local church with the person who is with us. We found out that the local church does not have a pastor and many of these people do not attend church. He tries to minister to these families. We asked him about starting houses churches. We explained that he could start a network of house churches with someone different leading each one. He seemed very interested in that idea. This could be huge in a spiritually poor area. 

Not only is there a spiritual need but a physical need as well. Many of these families have no way to support their family with food and school.  



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