What is holding you back?

Have you ever wanted to do something but could never get it done? It could be finishing a degree, starting a business, or even finding a new job. Many times people put off doing something new because they make excuses. They say they cannot do it and give a great deal of excuses. 

One major excuses is fear. People put things off because they are afraid of failing. Here is a secret you only fail if you do not try. If you try and make an effort you have not failed. 

I have been trying for over two years to run a half marathon. The most I had ran was 9.5 miles. I had a lot of things happen and I stopped. I recently got back into training. I was a little afraid to go the entire 13.1 miles but I made up my mind this morning I was going to do it. 

It was rough. Around mile nine I had some burning in my legs. I pushed through it. I was tired at mile twelve but I pushed harder. I reached my goal. 

What are you failing to accomplish because you are afraid to do what it takes? What are you going to do about it? Remember failure occurs when you do not try. 


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