We all need encouragement. There are people that say they do not need encouragement because they are so secure. The reality is that we all need that boost of confidence when someone tells you that you have done a great job. 

Look around your company. How much encouragement takes place? The secret about encouragement in your job is that it does not have to come from the boss. It can come from anyone. You should use your conversations to help build your coworkers up. 

You can even offer encouragement through constructive criticism. When you give someone criticism they way you deliver it is how it will be taken. I have received criticism in the past and was very discouraged. I have also received criticism that encouraged me to be a better person. 

Take a look at your personal life. Are you encouraging your family and friends? Tell your wife how beautiful she looks today. Tell your husband how proud you are of him. Tell your kids that you are proud of them. Encourage them to follow their dreams. 

Encouragement is a two way street. It takes two people. It takes the person receiving the encouragement. The main person is the person doing the encouragement. This person is you. Encouragement starts with you. 

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