It is official. I have published a short book that is available on Amazon. This has been a goal for a long time and I am glad to finally see it in this stage. 
The premise of this book is that you can honor God through your work. It does not matter if you are in a ministry position or if you are in a secular job. You should carry out your duties in a manner that allows people to see God through you. 

Work is something that you were built for. It is something that is a necessity. Work provides the means for you to obtain the necessities of life. You have to work in order to eat. Your work also gives meaning to you as an individual. 

What career you choose is not as important as how you do your job. When you have a career that is pleasing to God your work will be more meaningful. When you retire you should be able to look back on your career and be proud of it. 

Here is the link to my book off of Amazon:

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