Today is the thirteenth anniversary for my wife and me. I am so thankful to be married to my best friend. It has been a journey that I would not change. 

You want to see what love looks like spend a few days with us. I wish I could say that our marriage is all great and there are never fights but that just is not reality. There are always going to be arguments and disagreements in a relationship. The thing you have to remember is that you have to forgive. If you want your spouse to forgive you then you must also forgive. 

You must also compromise. There are going to be times when you should give in. This will help cut down on the fights. 

Marriage is hard work. It requires both parties to put forth an effort. Even though it is hard work it is a job that will be worth it. 

You get out of marriage what you put in it. If you give up your spouse will too. If you love with all your heart your marriage will be happier. If your spouse is your priority you will be their priority. 

A marriage is joining of two souls. A marriage is a great gift from God to a man and a woman. This gift is something that is to be cherished. 

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