Mark Richt and leadership lessons 

I think there are many lessons on leadership that can be learned from this entire situation. You have to take a look at his career at UGA to get a better overview of the situation. 15 Years, 145-51, 14 bowl games, and 2 SEC championships. I would say that was impressive. 
1. Sometimes leadership change is needed to go farther.

There comes a time when a leader must change in order for the organization to advance. This is true in college football as well as a major corporation. If a leader has done all he can do then it is only fitting to have a new person leading. This benefits the company since they will get someone with new ideas and more energy. They also have something to prove. This change could also help the old leader. The old leader takes on a new role they are likely to have a renewed energy that will help them succeed in the new environment. 

2. Money talks. 

Just like any business money speaks volumes. I have heard rumors that donors were holding money back until Mark Richt was fired. I hope that’s not the case but I believe it could be true. If it is wealthy individuals get to call the shots. It is a shame that college is more about football and money than education. In an organization that is dominated by money decisions are going to be made that are not popular. 

3. When you are in the hot seat do not make crazy decisions.

I am not a coach so I might be off a little bit why would you put in someone besides your first string quarterback in a big rival game? I personally do not think it was a wise decision. I have heard the Florida game might have sealed Richt’s fate. When you are in the hot seat do not take unnecessary risks. Make everything you do count. Make sure you are making the best decisions possible. Weigh all of your options and count the cost. 

4. People get hurt during leadership changes. 

It is no secret that many people are hurting by this decision. Coach Richt was a role model to many people, unfortunately they are not going to have him around anymore . It is a sad reality that people will get hurt.  

5. Other changes might come. 

When decisions like this are made other changes are bound to happen. When you make these types of high profile decisions you have to be prepared for a firestorm. You need to have a public relations campaign in place. When your decision is not popular and you cannot defend it you might find yourself in the hot seat. 

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