I just want to start out saying that I agree with people making what they are worth. I commend anyone that wants to get out of poverty. I want a better life for myself than that. I want a better life for you as well. At $7.50 an hour you are making $15,600 a year if you get 40 hours a week. Then taxes come out. Then you have daycare, food, housing, maybe transportation, probably nothing else. That is sad. 

At $15 an hour you also have taxes, housing, daycare, food, and other things. My point is that no matter what you make you have expenses. It is important to make enough to survive on. Not having your needs meet can have negative effects on the quality of life. 

I truly think there are ways to make more money and no I am not going to say work harder. Let’s face it many people who make minimum wage are working very hard each day. 

I think your first thing is to develop a plan. You need to know where you want to be in ten years. If you do not have a plan you are likely going to be in the same situation. Develop goals to get you to your goal. Once the plan is developed work it. Do not let where you are at now define who you will become. 

You want to break this cycle in your family? It might mean that you go back to school and learn a new skill. You might be saying I do not have time. I received a masters degree while raising a family and working full time. You have to make time. You might say I do not have money. There are grants for people with low income. Go to a community college. It will be cheaper. There is nothing wrong with this. 

Look for opportunities to use what you have learned. You learn transferable skills in every job you have. Take advantage of every chance you are given. Some of the best training you can get is on the job. This is because you are learning the skills first hand and not just theory. 

As you are developing your career it is important to learn to live on what you make. If you cannot master this you will always live above your means no matter how much you make. Go through a program such as financial peace university. Make a budget and stick by it. Make every dollar count. Stay away from payday loans, title pawns, and credit cards. You will always be trapped in this cycle. 

As wages start doubling there will be more machines taking orders at restaurants. I have seen one at a local fast food restaurant. I used it because the line was long and I wanted to try it. It worked really well. If wages double automatically people will lose jobs. Many companies cannot afford to pay several employees double what they are making now. A gradual increase in the wages would possibly be better. Wages  should keep up with or just past inflation.

Take control of your future. Do not let your current circumstances control your destiny. Make your mind up that you are going to succeed. 

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