This morning I saw this hashtag on Twitter. I was curious as most of you probably were. So evidently a pastor was offended because Starbucks was using plain red cups for the Christmas season. I have not been real big into Starbucks so I did not understand at first. Evidently according to this pastor this was an attack on Christmas. 

I started googling past red cups from Starbucks. What I saw was cups with images of snowflakes, people ice skating, snowmen, and things that depict winter. One thing I did not see was Merry Christmas or anything that depicted Christmas. There was no red cups that I saw with a nativity scene. So I am confused how a plain red cup is an attack on Christmas? What is different this year over previous years? If this is an attack on Christmas why was the pastor buying coffee? 

Your coffee does not define you as a Christian. I think Christmas is a great time to tell people about our savior Jesus coming to earth as a man to pay for our sins. It is a great way to share the love of Christ. People will come to church at Christmas time or Easter more than any other time of the year. 

Why as Christians would we pick such a silly fight. Who cares if your Starbucks cup is plain or has a snowman on it. Let’s focus our attention on spreading God’s love. Get your coffee and start up a conversation about God’s redeeming grace. Do not forget what we celebrate Christmas for. 

Let’s not attack a business over a cup of coffee. If you want their coffee drink it. If not go somewhere else. 


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