Thanksgiving #7

Thankful for past opportunities. 

Our past opportunities are what helps us grow. We all have had past opportunities. Think about the things you have done in work, church, or your home life. You should be able to list many things you have experienced. 

I am thankful for everything I have had the chance to do because it is what has made me who I am. I am so thankful for my chance to go to school and graduate with a masters degree. I have learned a lot from the things that I had to do to get my degrees. 

I am thankful for the past opportunity to be a youth minister. I saw children growing in their faith. I had the opportunity to see the ministry grow. I made mistakes during this time but I have learned from the mistakes. 

We all have opportunities. We have to make the best of them. These are what make us who we are. If you do not leverage your opportunities for the future then the time you spent was wasted. Use them to grow as a person. 


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