Making a Decision 

Are you trying to make a decision? Of course you are. You are trying to figure out what is for supper. The decision I am referring to is much bigger. Are you thinking about a major purchase, marriage, career change or anything thing else that will majorly effect your life. 

I think that the famous story about Solomon threatening to cut a baby in half with a sword can give you insight on how to make this decision. Alright I know you are reading this and thinking a king that is going to cut a baby in half can help me make my major life changing decision. Well I think it can because it shows us a lot about wisdom and where it comes from.

Here is a synopsis of the story. Two prostitutes came to the king. One said her baby was stolen from by the other one. This was because the other lady’s child had died. There was no DNA test that could be done at this time to prove who the living child belonged too. Solomon made the decision that he would divide the child into two pieces and each mother could have a piece. He knew this would anger the rightful mother and that she would not want to see this done. He was correct the mother did not want this to happen. She was willing to give the baby to the other lady instead of it dying. Solomon knew who the mother was at this point.

Looking at 1 Kings 3 I see four things about making a major decision:

Know where wisdom comes from – If we go back to the beginning of that chapter we see that Solomon asks for discernment. This was because he did not know how to rule. He knew that he was lacking wisdom and he knew where he could get it from. He knew that God was someone who could help him. Solomon could have asked for all the riches but he chose to ask for wisdom. This was a great choice and it served him well. Seek wisdom from God through prayer before you make any decision.

Seek godly council – This should go without saying but sometimes people make bad decisions because they go to the wrong person for advice. You would not go to a broke person for financial advice. Likewise you would not go to an ungodly person for godly advice. Seek council from people you know are not going to deliberately steer you wrong. You will know their advice is not godly if you know it goes against scripture.

Be prepared – I can only imagine that the true mom was terrified when she heard the decision. Being a father of three I would be as well. She was willing to give up the baby instead of it dying. You might get advice from godly council that is not what you expected. You have to be prepared for that. Take the advice and move on. Do not go try to find other people who are going to agree with you. You will eventually find that person that will agree with you. This might not be the right decision if everyone else is saying something else.

Others will see God through that decision – If you are seeking godly wisdom and council when you make decisions others are going to see God through it. When you live a godly life people see Him through you. People are going to see Him through your decisions if you are truly seeking His will.

Major life decisions are tough. You must seek God’s will for your life and that particular decision. If you do this God will not guide you wrong. He will be with you and provide the wisdom to make the decision.

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