2016 Presidential Election 

I will not do a lot of political blog posts, but this is a topic that has been on my mind a lot. 

I have seen estimates that this presidential campaign can cost any where from 3-5 billion dollars. That is an outrageous amount of money in the scheme of things. What point did we start caring about how much money you can raise and less about the candidates. There are things I would rather see in a candidate then how much money they are raising. I want to see details on their plans. I am looking for a candidate that has integrity. I also want to see a positive campaign. 

Substance – We as Americans deserve a plan on how you plan to do things. Stop saying that you are going to fix taxes, cut debt, fix immigration or whatever the topic of the day is if you cannot provide details. I think we are at a point in the campaign where the candidates should be detailing their plans. The primaries are not that far. The candidate I vote for will be the one that has laid out the best plan. 

Integrity – Stop pretending you are something that you are not. Be yourself and let the true you shine. Also if you are elected do what you say you are going to do. Do not make deals with political action committees that you are going to have to keep. Be honest with those that are voting for you. Do not be bought. 

Stop the bickering – Politicians can I let you in on a secret? A majority of Americans do not want the name calling. We do not want the negative campaign ads. We want it to be about what you are going to do and not you feel about your opponent. 


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