Why is it so hard for some people to take responsibility for their actions? One reason I believe is that our society has made people believe that admitting to their faults is a sign of weakness. We are programmed to think that if we admit we cannot do something or we did something wrong we are weak. One of my mentors, when I was a realtor, would say fake it until you make it. I have heard others say the same thing. The problem is when we fake it we appear to be strong when we are not. We refuse to admit when we do not know how to do something. 
This leads to doing something wrong. Now you have a choice to make. Do you admit you were wrong and take responsibility or do you blame someone else. I have seen several people put the blame on someone else. I unfortunately have done the same thing. I have blamed others because I did not want others to see my short comings. This just causes problems. Most people are going to see right through this. They are going to know you failed and refused to accept responsibility. 

A true leader is going to accept when they are wrong. They are going to take responsibility when they have made a mistake. They are going to take the consequences for their actions or lack of. You cannot put your mistakes off on someone else. 

As a father I also have a responsibility to my kids to teach them to take responsibility when they mess up. If I do not take responsibility it shows them that they can do the same thing. We must teach our kids to admit when they are wrong. If they do not learn now our next generation will have a hard time taking responsibility.  

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