If you are following the presidential race I am sure you have heard the slogan “make America great again.” I am also sure you do not need me to tell you who this slogan belongs too. I am all for making America great again. I want to be clear I am not endorsing this candidate or any other candidates. 
What is it going to take for America to be great again? Many people think it will require a smooth politician. Many people think it will require a business man. Others think it will require an outsider, someone who is not a career politician. All of these maybe great for the country; however, I feel we need more. 
I feel we as a country need a man of God. I am not saying we need a man who claims to be a Christian when it is popular for him to do so. I am saying we need a man such as Noah, Moses, or Paul. We need a man that is walking with God on a daily basis. We need a man who is not ashamed of the gospel. We need a man who is faithful to God. 
We need a man who will stand up to terrorist around the world. We need to stop catering to those that desire to harm us for our beliefs. We also need a man who is willing to stand up for the rights of Christians in America. 
We are going to make America great again when we bring God back into this country. Coaches cannot pray with their players. You have to be careful how you pray at meetings lead by local governments. You cannot pray in school. If you pray in the name of Jesus you face lawsuits from an organization that does not want God in public. If God is in our lives He should be in every aspect.  
There has been a resurgence of people using our national motto: in God we trust. America it is time to make our country great again. We will do this by inviting God back to our country.  

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