Gun Control 

Again we have a news report of a shooting at a college. Early this morning there was a fight at Northern Arizona University. This lead to an 18 year old shooting 4 while killing 1 other student. I know this will be politicized as law makers call for more gun control. I am going to stay out of that argument on both sides. I truly do not know what the answer is. What I do hope to accomplish with this blog is to shed light on what I see as a problem. 

I see the biggest problem as an issue with the heart and mind. Let’s start with the most recent shooting. The student shot the other students because he let his emotions get away from him. He did this act of violence because of anger.  

Going back a week or so to the Oregon shooting this was done because of a heart and mind problem. Reports are the shooter shot the victims because of them being Christian. Again his emotions got the best of him. He also made a conscious decision that morning to go to the college armed and with a very specific goal. 

We could go on for a long time. Each mass shooting, each act of violence, each person killed was due to a heart and mind problem. We need to pray for those that need mental help. We need to be on our knees praying without ceasing that God will heal our land. We need to pray that these senseless acts stop. 

I know this post might cause controversy and I am sorry if it does. I would like to have people comment and have a discussion. 


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