#Wisdom Involves Setting the Correct #Priorities. 

I saw a picture this morning that said ditch the man cave and bring back the study. Make men wise and great again. There is so much truth in this statement. I will probably get some negative feedback on what I am about to say but I think it is something that is needed. I feel we may be a few generations away from  not having a lot of wise leaders. 

This post is mainly for the men of my generation and younger. As I look at some men I know and listen to people talk I think there are some young men that do not pursue wisdom. They would rather watch football in their decked out man cave or play the newest video game. I am not saying you cannot have fun outside of work, but this cannot be your life. This cannot be your number one priority. 

I think about some of the great leaders in the past such as Rockefeller, Jack Welch, Jim Collins, or Warren Buffet and cannot imagine them sitting around playing video games. What I do imagine is these guys having their priorities right. I can see these guys sitting in a room in their houses filled with book cases loaded with business books. When they had an issue I imagine they would go in pull out a book and research the answer. They probably even read to learn new things.  

This is where you are going to gain wisdom. When you research things on your own you are going to remember it. Reading opens your mind to so many new things. Playing video games just lets you beat your previous score. What did you learn from that?

I can imagine that in a study there have been some very intellectual conversations. I am sure many of men have sat in their study with a business associate and pondered the solution to a big problem. I really enjoy having conversations that thought provoking whether it is about religion, politics, or leadership. Every time I do I feel like I have learned something. 

When we set our priorities on learning we are going to be wiser. Being wiser is going to make us better leaders. Guys I think we need to make a commitment to becoming more intellectual and wiser. Put down the video games and pick up a book. Learn something new each day. We do not need to be the generation that lets wisdom slip away because our priorities are not right. 


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