Thrown Out of a #Church Building?

There has been a lady thrown out of the church her family founded. This lady is 103 years old. This lady was not a threat. She even had the police called on her when she returned after receiving her letter stating not to come back. Seriously? This is ridiculous.  

So what was her crime? From what I have gathered is that she confronted the pastor about his preaching. This is a small town baptist church. According to the member who has been voted out the minister was trying to change it to a holiness church. He did not like it so she was voted out. Evidently two other members were voted out as well. 

Obviously I do not have both sides of the story because I do not attend this church. I do however see some things wrong with this entire situation. 

An elderly woman is told she cannot worship God in a local church. She has been attending their for over 90 years. Someone might not agree with the pastors new direction but if they are not causing a disruption they should not be forced to leave.  Sometimes leaders come in wanting to change everything and fix it. Just maybe there was nothing that needed to be changed. Maybe the pastor should have listened to his congregation. A pastor is there to be the chief servant. He is there to leed his flock. 

Next thing I see is that churches are to be loving. When there is a great deal of division love is going to be lost. Feelings are going to get hurt. We are all children of God. We need to be of one accord. We need to be united. 

As Christians we have got to come together. These types of incidents make the church look bad. People get the wrong impression of church. I want to be clear not all churches are like this. Most Christian churches are more concerned with sharing Christ. 

We need to be in prayer for Union Grove Baptist church in Elberton, GA. We also need to pray for the pastor and Genora Hamm Biggs. 

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