I have been praying for revival and spiritual awakening for a long time. My Twitter profile says join me in praying for a world wide revival. I really think we are on the verge of a revival here in America. The following is why I think this. 

Throughout the country we are seeing Sheriffs (elected officials) put our national motto on their patrol cars. For those that do not know what that motto is here you go “in God we trust.” Why is this so significant? If we do not keep our eyes on God He will not bless us. These Sheriffs are taking some heat by doing this, but they know God is watching over them while they are doing their tough job. 

There is also a clerk standing up for God. Rowan county clerk Kim Davis is refusing to issue marriage licenses. She has refused all licenses so that she is not discriminating. She is facing jail time or fines. She refuses to compromise on her religious beliefs. At first I thought she should resign but she is standing up for her religion. She is making a statement for God. 

Then recently there was a video of a mass baptism on a football field at a local school. I think it’s great that an assistant coach and twenty players were baptized. This was completely voluntary and done after school. No one was forced anyone to participate however many people did. Personally I would have loved to have witnessed it. This had to have been a glorious sight with so many making an outward profession of their faith. 

There are many people criticizing each of these people. I am excited to see so many professing their faith even with such criticism. Let’s keep praying for revival. 


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