What Happened to Committed Marriages?

I was reading about Ashley Madison this morning. Do you know hundreds of thousands are still signing up? Just last week almost 100,000 women signed up.  My guess is that some of these women are looking to get their husbands back or they are spying on their husbands. 

My question is what happened to monogamous relationships? I was looking at Ashley Madison’s Twitter page. They had an article back in July that posed the question can a couple be monogamous. I say that the answer is YES. My wife and I have been married for almost 13 years and neither have cheated on the other. 

This is not something that effects only a certain population. It effects everyone. There are plenty of maps put out by Ashley Madison that show where cheaters are. The biggest population is DC. The biggest area in DC is Capital Hill area. There are also other maps throughout the world. This is a big problem. 

If you are on the fence and are thinking about signing up let me give you some advice…don’t do it. I know it sounds simple and it is but evidently people still do it. 

I feel that there are things that can be done to stop an affair before it happens. These are some ideas that will hopefully be beneficial. 

1. Don’t join dating websites while married. 

Ok I know this sounds elementary but it happens and it will continue happening. It is sad that this even has to be said. A lot of people were mad when their information was released. Did they think they would not get caught. If you do not want someone to know you are on these sites do not get on them. 

Make sure your spouse knows your social media accounts and has your passwords. What? I would never do that. I am entitled to my privacy. I can hear someone saying that. Let me be honest if that’s your response you are hiding something. When you are married your life is not private. 

2. Rekindle your romance. 

Are you cheating because there is no romance? I have never cheated so I do not know if this is a reason but I can only guess it is. When you were dating your spouse you fell in love with them. If you didn’t why are you married? So my advice is never stop dating your spouse. 

Make time for you and your spouse. Both partners should be romantic. It is a two way street. You both have to work at keeping the love you have. 

3. Find an accountability partner. 

Find someone (of the same sex) that will give you godly advice and not steer you in the wrong direction. If you have the desire to cheat talk with this person. Be honest so they can give you advice and pray for you.  This person has to be someone that you can trust. 

4. Do not be alone with someone of the opposite sex. 

Take the temptation away and you do not have to worry about it.  If you commit to not being alone with someone of the opposite sex then there will be no chance of an affair. This could also protect you against false accusations. 
I can only imagine the pain caused by an affair. You might be thinking I would never get caught and you might not. I can almost guarantee you will eventually be filled with guilt. If you are caught you are going to cause pain for everyone involved. You will be hurt by this decision as well. Why put yourself or your spouse through this? Is a moment of false pleasure worth a lifetime of guilt and pain? 

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