New Chapter in My Life 

The past two weeks have been rough on my family and I. Two weeks ago I was asked to step down from my first youth minister position. It was a very hard pill to swallow. Being asked to step down from any position is hard but being asked to step down from a ministerial position was devestating to me. 

As time went forward I thought things would get easier. It did but I still face times where I am upset and hurt. On Sunday I started questioning whether I could or should pursue this. Had God actually called me to be a pastor and preach and teach His word? I thought about it hard and was brought to tears. 

I thought about the possibility of never preaching another sermon. That thought terrified me. I cannot imagine not ever preaching again. I spoke with some family and good friends they made me realize doors are shut for a reason. I knew I would not be at my former church forever but I did not get to leave the way I thought it would be. 

God works miracously in our lives. A lot of times God is working behind the scene and we do not even know it. As I prepare for the next chapter of my life I am going to hone my skills and use this time to become more focused on what God expects of me. 


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