Is the Church Ready for a Spiritual Awakening?

Are we on the verge of a spiritual awakening?

I believe that America is prime for spiritual awakening. I know that some will disagree with this based on recent events that have occurred. I however think that these events will work together for God’s purpose and will. Let’s go back to the first century and look at the persecution of the early Christians.

The religious leaders as well as the government leaders persecuted Jesus Christ. This was not done because Jesus had done anything wrong. This was done out of hatred. It was done out of hatred for beliefs that went against their beliefs. After Jesus was crucified the disciples were scared and rightfully so. They thought that they would be next. However Jesus gave his disciples a promise before he ascended into heaven. He told them when the time was right the holy spirit would fall upon them. Once this occurred that would be his witness to the ends of the earth.

Jesus knew the good things were about to happen even though the government was against the beliefs of Christianity. The government and the religious elite wanted nothing more than to stop Christianity in its tracks. Shortly after Jesus ascended into heaven many people from surrounding regions had gathered for the day of Pentecost. This was a very joyous day. The Holy Spirit fell upon the crowd.

The disciples remain focused and committed to the mission of God. Peter took a bold stance and preached the word of God to all that were there listening. On that day 3000 souls were added to the book of life. Man intended to stop Christianity and stop the church from growing however God had a bigger plan. God grew the church even at its darkest time.

Shortly after this incident Peter and John were speaking to the people when the priest, the Sadducees, and the captain of the temple came to them. They were outraged that they were teaching and proclaiming the name of Jesus. These leaders held fast to their convictions even as they were arrested. They were eventually released the next day but they were warned not to proclaim the name of Jesus. They went back and told other believers. The believers prayed for boldness. Many signs were done through the apostles. This caused more persecution among the church. The apostles remained focused and the church grew.

Do not get me wrong I am not saying recent events compare to the persecution of the first century church. What I’m saying is that when the worldly values went against God the church grew. There was exponential growth in the church. I truly believe part of the reason for this growth was the church leaders, the apostles, did not lose focus on the important issue. That issue was sharing the love of Christ and the power of redemption. As a minister I believe wholeheartedly that if we remain focused as a church we can be the light that God desires his people to be. We can no longer be lazy about sharing God with the lost world.

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