Anger in Marriage

Guys have you heard the term do not go to bed angry? These words are as true today as they were two thousand years ago when Paul wrote them to the church of Ephesus. Guys we can learn some valuable lessons from Ephesians 4:26b-27. These lessons will help keep peace in your marriage by reducing the amount of anger in your marriage.

The first lesson is that all anger needs to be dealt with that day. When you let anger build up it causes you to get angrier. When you get angry, your spouse can feel that tension and it can rub off on them. Then your spouse becomes angry. The best thing is to work out an issue before any time lapses.

The next lesson is that when you go to bed angry you do not get a good night sleep. As Americans we are already rushed and a lot of us have a hard time sleeping. We do not need any additional problems. Getting that good night sleep helps us to be refreshed in the morning. Sleep gives you better physical and mental health.

The last lesson is that the longer you let sin fester the more of an opportunity the devil has to tempt you into sinning. When you are angry at someone you are more willing to raise your voice or say something that you do not mean. We should respond to each other with loving words. We cannot let anger or sin control our relationship and marriage.

Things are going to happen in a marriage. There is no doubt that the couple will have a fight. The key is in how you handle the fight. First pray and ask God for guidance and the words to say. Then talk about it and work out a solution. If you have hurt your spouse apologize. If you have been hurt tell the other spouse. Communicate with each other and get it all out so that the problem can be resolved.

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